MySSI's Grandparent Parent Relationship

Files are now created in the Client (grandparent) directory as standard HTML files. <!-- #extract file="filename" --> The static portions of the files that will be used on multiple pages are enclosed in "extract" directives which MySSI uses to build the included files in the Server (parent) Directory. <!-- #extract end --> Since these directives are standard HTML comments, the files in the Client directory can be edited and maintained with any standard html editor.

The major advantage to this approach is that the grandparent parent relationship is bidirectional. MySSI can also rebuild the grandparent files.

As you will see in the demo that follows, adding another page requires that you change the navigation in only one of the Client files. You then "mark" the extract directive for processing and run the MySSI update command.

MySSI will notice the change to the navigation and extract that change to the server directory. It will then notice that all of the other files require a new build because one of their included files is newer.

Creating new files is also performed by the MySSI build command using the keyword "from": build contacts from index

But what if you make a mistake!

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