Papa Geek

The name papageek was well earned!

I programmed my first computer in 1967.

I wrote a windows operating system with variable sized fonts in 1979. Microsoft announced Windows in 1983, delivered it in November 1985, then delivered Windows 2.0 in December 1987

My first website was published in 1993. Microsoft release Windows 95 in 1995 which was the first operating system to include dial up networking. Many believe that including dial up networking as part of the operating system was the catalyst for the beginning of the Internet popularity.

Web Design Tools

Modifying the design of a page based on it's display size is getting more common today based on media queries. This technique was originally done with JavaScript. I wrote the script for this page, variable HTML, long before media queries.

Variable HTML

Server Side Include, SSI, has been around from the start for things like the copyright on each page. Just change one file and the server will change all of your pages. I wrote custom software to do the same thing on your local PC.


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