All MySSI commands can be entered in two formats:

command which performs the action for all files.

command filename which performs the action for one file only.

Command Action
times Lists create, access, and write times for client/*.htm*, server/*.shtm*, and server *.inc
archive Creates archive copies in the client.arc directory of any files that have been modified in the client directory
extract Compares timestamp of server/*.shtm* files to timestamp of client/*.htm*. Processes any files that have been modified and extracts any included files that are flagged with the hypen character.
build Compares timestamp of server/*.shtm* file to the timestamps of client/*.htm* file as well as all server/*.inc files that are referenced. If any times are newer than the client/*.htm, the file is rebuilt from its components.
update Perform the archive, extract, and build commands in order for the file or all files as requested by the command
publish Rebuild the web\*.htm* files from the server directory, but does not insert the extract directives.
report Create a list of each client/*.htm* file with the corresponding server/*.shtm* file. Separate the files with === if no action is required or <== or ==> or <=> to indicate the direction of process that is required.
css Work in the client/CSS directory. Use the .cst files to import the referenced .css files to create the client/*.css files.
lint Display any begin / end command pair syntax errors
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