MySSI's Auto Archive Feature

What if you make a major mistake and then run update? Oops! MySSI is designed to automatically copy that mistake to every page in your website. Right?

Fear Not! MySSI also includes an archive command that is automatically run prior to every global update. You can recover any file at any time by merely copying it back to the Client Directory.

The archive process compares the files in the Client directory to the Client.arc directory. When it recognizes a change, the existing file in the Client.arc directory is renamed with the format "zzz.filename.ext.ver.###.ext" where zzz pushes the archives to the end of the list and ### is one higher than the current highest archive version number.

Because the archive process uses the prefix zzz. to create its archives, any files that begin with that prefix will be ignored during the archive process.

MySSI also maintains a complete log of all of your changes. This log is kept in "logfiles/YYMMDDMySSI.log". Again, since the archive process ignores files that begin with the zzz.ver prefix, this file should never be overwritten.

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