The Sector Views of the Market

MarketView also allows you to view the overall market based on user defined Sector Groups.

  • You can create a list of short sector group names and assign multiple market sector names to each group.
  • Your total investment percentages in each market sector is listed in the 3rd column below.
  • Your total group percentage is listed on the yellow lines.
  • The group rank for each historical SnapShot line is the average rank of every symbol in that group.
  • The number of symbols that you are following in each group is listed on the fourth line.
  • The overall rank on line one is the average of the highlighted historical ranks.

  • As with the historical view, the same buttons can be used to change the size and position of the highlighted SnapShot dates.
  • You can also right click the Index button to change the Composite View of the market.

  • Looking at both sector views Technology seems to be doing consistently well over the past year.
  • Industrials have also been fairly consistent.
  • Asia, Foreign and Health have been doing well over the past 6 months, but not before that.
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