Most of the investment advisors that you talk to will want you to keep each of your investments for a number of years, they do not recommend moving things around every few months. I donít necessarily recommend that either, but it is always a good idea to keep a close eye on things and be ready to do just that when and if the current situation makes it necessary.

The lines at the top of the Historical View let you see how your investments are spread out over multiple market symbols and also how they are spread out over the various market sectors. This information is definitely helpful when it comes to rebalancing your investments.

The color coding and ranks on the dated line give you a good picture of how your investments have been performing over time.

When it is time to move your money around, you can use the 0 v Lines dropdown to display the top 25 or 40 or all symbols, highlight a few that interest you on the Watch menu, go back to zero lines, use the A- button to decrease the font size to make all of your symbols visible, and then start your historical look at the new symbols:

Right click the Index button to switch between your Long, Median, and Short perspectives.

Use the Next, Prev, More and Less buttons to easily modify your perspectives through time.

This process is definately information overload, but do you want to make your investment decisions with an extremely small amount of market information, or too much information? You can also customize this process to give you as much or as little informaiton as you want.

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