Your Personalized Historical View of the Market

This image gives you a lot of information, lets look at it one step at a time!

The first thing that you will notice about this market view is that the symbols are listed on the horizontal axis.

Some of the symbols are displayed with various highlighted background colors. This is done by clicking on the Watch button on the top left of the page header, adding that symbol name to the "watch list", and selecting the color used to highlight it. This display only shows the symbols that are currently invested in, but the watch menu also allows you to add other symbols that you want to keep an eye on, even if you are not invested in them yet!

The lines dropdown in the top right corner allow you to force the display of some or all of the top rated symbols. When you are thinking about another investment, force the display of the best of the best, select a few that you might want to continue to follow and add them to your watch list, then you can go back to zero lines while you keep looking at the new symbols.

The 12 dated lines at the bottom of the screen begin with a single entry for the average monthly ROR of the 4 major indexes followed by the Composite Rankings of each symbol on each historical date. The Ranks at the top of the page are based on the sum of the 4 highlighted monthly Composite Rankings. You can increase or decrease the number of highlighted lines by clicking the MORE or LESS buttons at the top right of the screen and move the lines up or down in time by clicking the NEXT or PREV buttons.

Right click the Index button to switch the historical display between your personal Long, Median, and Short Historical views of the market.

Adding the Ranks of different Custom Views to create the three "Composite Views" of the market is also how you can create weighted views for each ROR value. In the Long Composite View, the 6 month ROR is considered to be 3 times more important than the 1 month and 3 year RORs, and one and a half times more than the 3 months and 1 year RORs.

The Sector and Symbol sections of the screen play a major role in balancing your investments at your personal levels. The Own line tells you how much of your total investments are in each symbol. The Sector lines above that tell you the sector of each symbol and your total investment in each sector..

The Hold line tells you how long you have to hold each investment to avoid paying transaction fees while the Held line tells you how many days since you actually purchased each symbol. The yellow background warns you if it will cost you a transaction fee to see the symbol today..

The next line tells you your total ROR for the number of days that you have held each symbol and the annual rate if you hold it for a full 365 days..

The final section to look at are the 3 ROR lines that exist just above the most recent dated Composite Ranking line. These lines are there to let you how your investments are doing right now, for the last week, the last month, and the last quarter.

Hopefully, with all of this information about your current investments, you can make the proper decisions each month on how to rebalance and / or reposition your investments for the future.

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