The Market View Data Files


Each market symbol that you want to follow is listed with the amount of time that you must hold the investment before paying zero transaction fees. The market sector and the name of the fund, stock, or ETF is also listed. If the symbol has been listed on the stock exchange for less than 10 years, the YYMM date of its initial listing is also given.


The Market View process tracks your investments by symbol, sector, and also a custom sector grouping that you personally design. The Ln1 and Ln2 entries are provided so the sector names can be listed on the Historical View page within the width limits of a normal stock symbol.


The entire concept of the Market View process is to allow you to look at the market from a wide variety of viewpoints, and you get to design each page. The first 3 page designs are for your Short, Median, and Long Composite views. The display column lets you define which ROR time frames will display on each view. Each Custom view Sort On entry starts with 3 letters. Will the rank of this Custom View C count, D just display, or X not even display, for the ranking of the Short, Median, and Long Composite view.


These are the initial settings for 16 different variables. The break points for the background colors when displaying the calculated Ranks, what page to display first, how many historical lines to display, how many count for the overall historical rank, what font size to use, etc.

SDOGValue10066.084 30 2017
SDOGValue9966.985 31 2017
SDOGSell505204.136 19 2017
SDOGValue4866.376 30 2017
SDOGSell4972.457 5 2017


An accurate log of your investment history is crucial to the determination of when and how to keep your investment in proper balance.

The history file contains blocks of data for the Value of each of my investment at the end of each month, plus the additional data on what did I Buy or Sell# each month. The sell lines include a number representing the percentage of my total holding that I sold. If there is no number, I sold my entire holdings in that symbol.

SnapShot.exe: Gets the data for the RawDataYYYYMMDD.txt files.

This process takes a snap shot of the market on any given date. It uses Yahoo Finance to obtain a series of 12 historical adjusted closing prices based on the requested SnapShot date. The historical prices for each symbol in the symbols file are then saved in a file called SnapShotYYYYMMDD.txt; along with the closing prices for the four major market indexes: Dow, Nasdaq, Russell, and S&P.

A snapshot usually takes about 1.4 seconds per symbol based on your Internet speed. This can be done daily so you can always see the latest data, and monthly or quarterly to give you a historical perspective on the market.

  • SnapShot: Takes a snapshot of the last day of the previous month.
  • SnapShot now: Takes a snapshotX of today’s prices and deletes all previous “X” snapshots.
  • SnapShot 5 2016: Will take a historic snapshot of the last day of that month.
  • SnapShot 5 18 2016: Takes a snapshotX on the requested date and deletes all previous “X” snapshots.
  • SnapShot drop VWXYZ: Marks VWXYZ in every snapshot file to be ignored by the display software.
  • SnapShot add VWXYZ : Un-marks VWXYZ in every snapshot file or adds it if it does not already exist.

The File System

The data files are maintained in a series of Excel Spreadsheets, but the Market View process uses .tdt, tab deliminated text, files. The .xlsx files are in a parallel ExcelData directory that includes a series of DOS BATch files that will convert all of the Excel files or each individual Excel file into the required TDT file format.

@echo off
call ToTDT History
call ToTDT PageDesigns
call ToTDT Sectors
call ToTDT Settings
call ToTDT Symbols

The actual conversion from Excel to tab delaminated is performed by a visual basic program. ToTDT is another DOS BATch file that converts each filename into the proper calling sequence for the visual basic program.

pushd ..
set parent=%CD%
cscript script.vbs "%CD%\%1.xlsx" "%parent%\%1.tdt"

Call ToTDT History
cscript script.vbs "C:\MarketView\Data\ExcelFiles\History.xlsx" "C:\MarketView\Data\History.tdt"

The System cscript.exe file is also required to be in the ExcelFiles directory to run this visual basic program:

Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments
InputFile = objArgs(0)
OutputFile = objArgs(1)
Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.application")
set objExcelBook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open(InputFile)
objExcelBook.SaveAs OutputFile, -4158

The -4158 at the end of the SaveAs line is just one of those Geeky numbers that tells Excel that the output format is tab delimited!

Other Stuff


TypeNameCDXSort On Display
CompositeMedian #TVR 1w1m3m6m1y  N
CompositeShort #TVR 1w1mm2m3m46m N
CompositeLong #T VR1q2qq34q 6m1y3yN
ViewYearsDXC6m 1y3y#THI SQR1q2qq34q 6m1y3yN
ViewLongCDC 3m6m1y#THI SMR1w3m6m 1y3yN
ViewMidCC C1m3m6m# THISMR1w1m3m 6m1y3yN
ViewShortCC Dm1m2 m3m4#THIS MR1wm1m2m3 m4m5m63yN
ViewQuickDCD1w m1m2#THIS R1w1mm2m3 3m6m1y3yN
ViewNowDDD1w1m #THI SR1w1mm2m3 3m6m1y3yN
ROR3M3M #THIS M1w1m3m 6m1yN
ROR6M6M #TH ISM1w1m3m6m 1yN
ROR1Y1Y #TH ISM3m6m1y3y N
  • Type: Is this page sorted on a single ROR, or a custom View sorted on multiple RORs, or a Composite view sorted on multiple custom views. CDX will explain how the composite views are sorted.
  • Name: This is the name that will be displayed in your dropdown list.
  • CDX: There are up to 3 Composite views. The letters in these fields indicate if this custom view is 'C'ounted in the sort of each composite page, only 'D'isplayed on the page but not counted for the sort, or 'X' not even displayed on the composite page.
  • Sort On: Up to 4 individual RORs that can be used to sort each custom view page.
  • Display: The columns that are displayed on each page.
    • #: The calculated Rank of this row.
    • T: The ticker symbol of this row.
    • H: The No Transaction Fee holding period of this symbol.
    • I: How much of your portfolio is invested in the symbol and how long you still have to hold it for No Transaction Fee.
    • S: The market sector of this holding.
    • Q: A graph of the last 4 quarterly returns for this symbol and a graph of how those returns compared to the market average.
    • M: A graph of the last 6 monthly returns for this symbol and a graph of how those returns compared to the market average.
    • V: Display the custom view rankings as defined by the CDX entried of each custom view.
    • R: The sum of the ranks used to define the individual ranks for this page.
    • N: The name of the fund represented by this symbol.

A quick Summary of the Market View process

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