Custom Views of the Market

  • The MarketView software also allows for the creation of Custom Views of the market.
    • The symbols are sorted on the Sum of the Ranks of multiple rates of return at the same time!
    • A new rank # is then assigned for the Custom View itself; Best, 2nd best, 3rd, 4th, etc.
  • Let's compare this multi-ROR view to the single ROR view on the previous page.
  • Take away the rankings and the background colors, and this is the way your broker gives you the list of what you might want to invest in, sorted only on the 1 year ROR!
  • The Market View software allows the end user can create multiple Custom Views based on any combination of the 15 available rates of return calculated for each SnapShot.
Views1wm1 m2m3q1m4m5 m66mq2q3q4 1y3y5y
Years          6m     1y3y 
Long     q1     6m    1y   
Mid m1   q1     6m        
Short m1m2 m3 m4            
  • Since the Rankings of the Custom Views are not based on the RORs of the market indexes for any single timeframe:
    • A new color scheme had to be created.
    • The "Top End" break points for this new color scheme are completely user definable.
ROR RankingSWAGSizeHalf DisplayTop EndCustom Rankings
Higher than highest 36361818 18Best of the Best
1837 55 The good stuff
Higher than average 743819
1945 100 Average stuff
Higher than lowest 1265226
2626126 Not horrible
Lower than lowest214 888888214 The bad stuff
  • The colors in the left hand column are completely controlled by the Market View software. When you sort your list of market symbols on any single timeframe, on any single snapshot date:
    • The 4 major market index RORs for that single timeframe, date, and ROR are added together and divided by 4 to create the average market ROR.
    • If you set the Lines dropdown to all and scroll down the display you will see the number of symbols that are displayed in each ROR Ranking color.
    • For my personal view, since Iím interested looking at my investments a couple times a year, I looked at the 6 month and 1 year change points for a few months, then I took a Scientific Wild ĎArithmeticí Guess, SWAG, at the top end symbol counts for each ROR ranking.
    • Then I perform any kind of calculations I wanted to determine the Top End values to be used to display the multiple time frame rankings.
    • Like I said: The Top End break points are completely user definable!

Long, Median, and Short Composite Views of the Market

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